Top Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

Laptops are essential to learning at an online college. Nobody wants to spend countless hours at the local library in order to access their online curriculum, whether it’s taking a chemistry exam or submitting a history paper. However, without a personal laptop, it’s unavoidable.

Fortunately, colleges are beginning to offer laptop discounts or full laptop programs that help students access their online classes and assignments. Students are now able to save money, stay at home, and spend more time completing tasks. Thanks to this new initiative, a growing number of colleges now offer special laptop discounts to certain students, refer them to companies with discounts, or flat out give away laptops or tablets to attending students. This provides students the best resources to be able to attend school and succeed in their academics.

List of Online Schools that Provide Laptops

Below is a list of colleges that now offer discounts, laptops, or iPads to their attending students. As always, be sure to read the program’s fine print and terms of service before taking the plunge.

Arizona State University

ASU LogoAt ASU, students are able to get a vast amount of discounts on alumni gear and accommodations. Not only this, ASU offers students a discount on laptop and computer bundles through Apple and Dell. This offer does not have an expiration, and is currently active at the time of this post. Be sure to check with ASU campus representatives on any specifics that may have changed.

Stevens-Henager College

Stevens Henager LogoThe Stevens-Henager College offers laptops to new students to congratulate them on enrolling into their school. Students that finish their course work and graduate from Steven-Henager College will be given the laptop as a graduation gift. Students are able to use the laptops throughout their schooling and own them in the end. But until graduation, the laptop is still the school’s property. As always, check with a Stevens Henager campus representative prior to enrolling to discuss the specific details on the offer.

Wake Forest University

Wake Forest LogoAll students that are starting their undergraduate degree with Wake Forest University will receive a computer (laptop) that is geared with the latest technology in software applications. Unlike schools that require a student to fully finish their coursework or degree, once students complete almost half of their course work, they can keep the laptop. Wake Forest University now offers a program for students to receive ThinkPad’s. It is what they call the levels of the playing field for technology at Wake Forest. Students have the options upon graduation to purchase the ThinkPad or return it to the University as well. However, you may need to check with a Wake Forest University rep to clarify, as it seems students get to keep the laptop should they graduate anyway.


College AmericaNew students at CollegeAmerica are given laptops that are basically loaned from the school. Once a student graduates they are given the laptop as a gift. As most universities will state, the laptop is of the schools property until the student’s graduates. This is only for students enrolled as freshman, as it is not offered for ones in a masters or completion program.

Bethel University

Bethel UniversityLaptops are provided for every new student at Bethel University. This is for the Bethel associates degrees in accounting, computer information systems, and general studies. Bethel University is similar to Wake Forest University, as students only have to complete half of their course work to keep their laptop. The laptop chosen for Bethel University students is a Google Chrome back laptop. As you can see, these colleges are quite similar in their programs. They each want to provide the best alternative for their students. However, if your school or future school does not offer anything like this, there are other options. Many major brands offer discounts for students. The Notebooks for Students is a non-profit organization that provides students with laptops at great prices. Research and ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

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